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Babies continue to die from unsafe sleep practices

When my kids were born, they both suffered from awful reflux. In fact, while my second was still in the hospital she continually gagged. It kept me up all night, afraid she was going to choke and stop breathing. I remember sitting in a chair, holding one of them all night so she could be vertical and settle down. I’m sure I dozed off.

I now know I did something wrong — and potentially deadly. I know I’m not alone. Having a baby sleep on an adult bed, in bed with an adult or in the arms of a sleeping adult is part of a larger issue: safe sleep.

Keeping kids safe: Whose side are you on?

Whether you applauded or were appalled by Nationwide’s “The Boy Who Couldn’t Grow Up” commercial during this year’s Super Bowl, the fact remains that preventable injuries are the No. 1 killer of kids from birth to 19 years old in the United States. That represents nearly 40 percent of all deaths in this age group. Around the globe, nearly 1 million children die from preventable injuries every year, according to Safe Kids Worldwide.

Gratitude and focus for the new year

Each New Year’s Eve, I tell myself I am going be more grateful for the everyday life I lead. I also promise to be more focused on my goals and to be sure I am anticipating a positive event each day.

And like most everyone, I forget these promises within a few weeks. It’s never intentional. It’s just a busy life getting in the way of higher thinking. Only this year, I gave myself a break and started the practice once again … in November.

Prescription for safety

Keeping kids safe around medications

It’s that time of year — flu, colds and other illnesses seem to abound. If your child gets sick, never try to medicate him or her yourself. Always talk to your child’s doctor or a pharmacist before giving prescription medication or medicines not intended for children. Follow these precautions to keep your child safe.

Even if you’re sure of your child’s symptoms, never give a child leftover prescription medicines. Leftover and expired medicines should be discarded.

8 lifesaving tips for working moms

Eating out frequently, hiring a housekeeper and having a nanny are not for everyone. If you feel that way and you’re a working mom, how do you get it all done and maintain your sanity? From leftovers to lists, these tips may help.

When my husband and I first got married I thought it would be great to be a stay-at-home mom. I quickly learned it was not for me. So here I am — two young kids and working a 40+ hour week. As a family, we prefer to eat in so I’m a career woman, a part-time chef, a housekeeper, a wife and, most of all, a mom.

Keeping kids and pets safe during the holidays

You’ve been invited to a holiday party and everyone is so excited. There will be several families there, people you haven’t seen in ages. But before you go, talk to your kids about the possibility of pets.

Dog bites are the second most common childhood injury requiring a trip to the emergency department — and not something you want to deal with during the holiday season.