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DEET safety

Is there a safe way to prevent insects from sucking the fun out of summer? Products to deter pesky bugs can contain harmful chemicals. However, insects carry diseases such as Lyme disease and the West Nile Virus. So what do you do to protect yourself and your family?

DEET, or diethyltoluamide, is a common active ingredient in insect repellents, but because it is a potent chemical, it can cause side effects if not used properly.

Choosing the best hospital to have your baby

Giving birth can be one of life’s most exciting experiences. It can also be overwhelming. Expectant mothers feel pressure within their bodies and in all aspects of their lives. Preparing for a new baby takes a lot of time, but choosing the right hospital shouldn’t.

According to Laura Gipe, director of Patient Care Services at Norton Women’s and Kosair Children’s Hospital, expectant mothers should expand their search to find the best option for their family. Gipe recommends looking for four things when selecting a hospital:


Liquid laundry pods pose serious risk to children

Recently, Consumer Reports decided to no longer recommend laundry pods due to the health hazard to children.

The numbers back up these concerns. Over the past three years, the American Association of Poison Control Centers reports more than 33,000 calls to the nation’s 55 poison centers about exposures to liquid laundry packets related to children five and under. This means about 30 children per day were involved in incidents involving liquid laundry packets, hundreds of which resulted in hospitalization.

Fireworks safety for the family

It's almost the holiday weekend! Can’t you just smell the burgers on the grill? See the fireflies flitting about in the backyard? And soon we’ll delight in the oohs and aahs that accompany the annual Fourth of July fireworks displays. Sadly, though, fireworks are a source of a lot of injuries. Last year, Norton Healthcare's facilities treated hundreds of holiday-related injuries on and around July 4th. Many of these injuries involved the use of fireworks- burns, cuts, falls, and being struck by objects.

Keeping kids in the game

Elbow and shoulder injury prevention guidelines for youth baseball pitchers

With the summer youth baseball season in full swing, local sports medicine specialists are seeing a spike in elbow and shoulder injuries.

“We are seeing so many young athletes in our office with orthopaedic injuries that I would call it an epidemic,” said Ryan J. Krupp, M.D., orthopaedic surgeon with Norton Orthopaedic Specialists – Brownsboro and director of Norton Sports Health.

Ever wonder why… you have to wait 30 minutes after eating to swim

As children, many of us were told to wait at least 30 minutes after eating before going swimming or we might drown. The theory behind this idea was that blood flow to the stomach and intestines would increase to help the body absorb nutrients. And that would cause reduced blood flow to active muscles for delivering oxygen and removing waste products, making you unable to swim. The 30-minute rule is largely a myth. In reality, humans have more than enough oxygen to supply our stomach and muscles.

5 ways to keep baby hydrated this summer

Did you know babies under 6 months old can’t have water? So how do you keep baby hydrated when out in the heat of the summer? Unless your child is old enough to use a sippy cup, giving water isn’t the answer. Elizabeth Doyle, M.D., director of lactation services for Norton Healthcare, advises that you still need to offer breast milk or formula frequently, even if it isn’t a normal feeding time.