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8 lifesaving tips for working moms

Eating out frequently, hiring a housekeeper and having a nanny are not for everyone. If you feel that way and you’re a working mom, how do you get it all done and maintain your sanity? From leftovers to lists, these tips may help.

When my husband and I first got married I thought it would be great to be a stay-at-home mom. I quickly learned it was not for me. So here I am — two young kids and working a 40+ hour week. As a family, we prefer to eat in so I’m a career woman, a part-time chef, a housekeeper, a wife and, most of all, a mom.

Keeping kids and pets safe during the holidays

You’ve been invited to a holiday party and everyone is so excited. There will be several families there, people you haven’t seen in ages. But before you go, talk to your kids about the possibility of pets.

Dog bites are the second most common childhood injury requiring a trip to the emergency department — and not something you want to deal with during the holiday season.

Choosing the right toy for the right age

I was lost in unfamiliar territory. It has been many years since I purchased toys for toddlers. Now that I’m a great-aunt, my holiday shopping list has changed.  

That’s how I found myself surrounded by shelves packed with toys. It was confusing. I didn’t want to buy the wrong toy — or worse, an unsafe toy — for my young great-nephew.

For help, I turned to Erika Janes, R.N., coordinator of Safe Kids Louisville, a program led by the Children’s Hospital Foundation Office of Child Advocacy of Kosair Children’s Hospital.   

Here are her tips for buying toys:

Seven skills kids learn by cooking

I remember helping my mom bake cookies or make dinner many times when I was a child. All the while, I was learning to count, measure and read recipes without even realizing the skills I was developing naturally in the kitchen.

When I was about 11 years old, one of my “chores” became choosing and making dinner one night a week (with or without help, depending on the meal). My standard go-to meal was popcorn shrimp, macaroni and cheese, and green beans. Was it the healthiest meal? Maybe not. But at least I remembered a vegetable.

Are all football helmets created equal?

It’s almost impossible to read a newspaper or magazine or watch news or sports on TV without seeing a report about contact sports and concussions. 

Players in many sports are susceptible to concussions, and doctors who treat concussions say that girls and women may suffer as many, if not more, concussions as males. 

But far and away, most stories about sports-related concussions focus on football players and the often terrible head injuries they receive. And many of the concussion-causing incidents involve helmets. 

How do you know if your child has asthma?

That nagging, hacking cough can play a trick on some parents.

There’s no fever, and the cough comes and goes, seemingly triggered by the getting-ready-for-bed routine. A skeptic might think it’s an “excuse cough” — notice how it can quiet down if you let that moody, sluggish kid stay home from school?

Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s nothing serious, health officials warn. Frequent intermittent coughing — particularly at bedtime and upon rising — is a classic sign of childhood asthma.

Girl Talk: The Talk

If you have adolescents or teenagers, you’ve no doubt noticed things have changed since you were that age.

Back then, certain things just weren’t discussed — in “polite company” or otherwise. Some parents remember when even married couples on TV were shown sleeping in twin beds. Today, it seems that anything goes — at least in the virtual world of television and the Internet.

Parents today do more than simply hand their child a sex-education book and hope for the best.