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Does your family have good sleep hygiene?

7 habits for better sleep

My rule has always been simple: When my eyes start closing and I start yawning, it’s time for bed. The problem with this approach is that it’s unreliable. Sometimes I feel sleepy early in the night, and sometimes I’m awake for hours waiting for my body to ready itself for sleep.

After speaking with Egambaram Senthilvel, M.D., pediatric sleep specialist with UofL Physicians – Pediatric Sleep Medicine, I learned that having certain habits can improve sleep quality and quantity. Dr. Senthilvel calls this “sleep hygiene.”

Healing through art

Expressive therapy program improves quality of life for patients

 “Art … speaks to our need to heal, reveal and transform. It transcends our ordinary lives and lets us imagine what is possible.” – Richard Kamler, artist and educator

There is growing evidence that art can have healing and restorative power for the mind and body. In particular, viewing and creating works of art evoke a sense of calm that rejuvenates the body in a way that medicine alone cannot do.

Bringing Bourbon & Bowties to life

My name is Anna-Maria Beck, and I was the honoree of the 2014 Bourbon & Bowties fundraiser. I loved it! I was not only involved in the main event but also in the planning that led up to it. I loved being able to give my opinion so that everything went perfectly. Some examples were the pink tablecloths, the cupcakes and the Shirley Temples. I’m a very girly girl if you can’t already tell.

A guide to weathering life’s unexpected events

One never knows what life has in store. One moment life is flowing well, then, all of a sudden, it is not. The disruption can be as insignificant as car trouble or as life-altering as a cancer diagnosis, an aortic aneurysm, an accidental fall or the sudden death of a friend or family member. During the past month, I have, or someone I know has, experienced one of the above life-changing events. Out of the blue, no warning, life was going along just fine and then it wasn’t.

Memorial Day tips

Many of us will be throwing a great Memorial Day cookout or a weekend getaway to start off this Summer. Memorial Day signifies the beginning of a season; a time of grilling, baseball and sun tans. Cookouts and travel can sometimes spell disaster for those of us trying to stay healthy. Here are a few tips to keep on track this holiday weekend.

1. Half your plate should be fruits and vegetables! Summer is a great season for fresh, local ingredients. Try a new fruit or vegetable this weekend.