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Never a dull moment?

Why allowing your brain to be bored is a good thing

When’s the last time you were bored? My guess is not since before you got that smartphone. In those days of old — let’s call it B.S.P. (Before SmartPhones) — we would sit in a waiting room and do nothing, or maybe read. We’d sit in the car and gaze out the window. We’d ride an elevator and just stare at the door. We’d eat a meal and pay attention to the food, not the phone. We might even engage in good conversation. Perhaps in B.S.P. times, we even sat in the house and did nothing. Was it all that bad?

Forgiveness: An antidote for healing the body, mind, soul and spirit

Matthew 6:14–16 tells us, “If you forgive others when they hurt you, God will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their faults, God will not forgive you.”

It is impossible to live in this world without getting hurt, offended and rejected or to do our share of the hurting.

Despite the regularity of this cycle, most of us struggle to forgive others and ourselves.

Prayer in hard times

When life gets us down — perhaps because of an unexpected illness, a change in financial status or our disappointment in the choices made by someone we love — we have many options for how we are going to cope. Some choose to call a dear friend who always has the right things to say in the face of a crisis. Many call out to God in prayer. Such prayers can take many forms. They may be just two words repeated over and over — “Help me, help me, help me.” They may be expressed in silence and tears or in the question, “Why me?”

Holistic eating: Eat to feel better

Do you have chronic headaches, allergies or heart health concerns? Do you feel sluggish or in pain? A prescription for feeling better might be right inside your pantry or refrigerator.

Look beyond the mayonnaise and chips. Avoid the ice cream, and scoot past the red meat. Instead, look to that bag of almonds or fresh oranges, or the black beans and brown rice. These foods and many more can help you feel revitalized and renewed, according to Kim Evans, APRN.

Gratitude and focus for the new year

Each New Year’s Eve, I tell myself I am going be more grateful for the everyday life I lead. I also promise to be more focused on my goals and to be sure I am anticipating a positive event each day.

And like most everyone, I forget these promises within a few weeks. It’s never intentional. It’s just a busy life getting in the way of higher thinking. Only this year, I gave myself a break and started the practice once again … in November.