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Neti pot: Can it clear your nose?

That gunk clogging up your head has got to go somewhere, so why not send it down the drain?

That’s the idea behind nasal irrigation systems, including the popular Neti pot, which some people swear by to manage their clogged-up pipes. Folks with allergies and frequently congested sinuses are among the biggest fans of nasal irrigation devices, which use a saline solution to rinse and moisten irritable, dry nasal passageways.

Boy battles rare brain disorder

It’s often inspiring to meet parents who have done just about everything they could for a child with a rare and complicated health condition. Geneva and Mike Barone are such parents. Their 15-year-old son, Noah, has a condition that has left a slew of doctors with years of expertise scratching their heads.

Since 2006, Noah, a vibrant and witty young man, has been living with an inflammatory pseudotumor (IPT) in his brain. IPTs are benign lesions that can affect all organ systems but originate in the central nervous system. They act much like a tumor.

A healthy colon is a happy colon

And who doesn’t want a happy colon?

Wouldn’t you agree: When your plumbing isn’t working, it makes for a really bad day. I’m not talking about the plumbing in your house. I’m talking about your colon. When things aren’t moving like they should, it can make you pretty miserable.

Do you know how to keep your colon in good working order? And do you know why it’s important?

The colon, also called the large intestine, is a major part of your digestive system. It helps reabsorb water and electrolytes back into your body. It also helps to form and eliminate waste.

Colon cancer screening at home

Colon cancer screening at home: no fasting, no laxatives, no embarrassing procedure, no kidding!

It may sound too good to be true, but true it is. While colonoscopy has long been and continues to be the gold standard to screen for colorectal cancer and remove polyps from the colon, a new option is now available that makes it possible to screen for colon cancer from the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Sitting tall: New spinal surgery gives hope for juvenile scoliosis

A new device for juvenile scoliosis can prevent children from needing repeated surgeries, reducing the risks of infection and adverse effects for medically fragile kids.

At age 8, Alex Judd has already had his share of surgical procedures. Born with a rare genetic syndrome, Alex has neurological issues as well as stomach problems. And now, during the past year, he has started to have serious issues with one of his lungs due to severe syndromic scoliosis, which is caused by his underlying genetic condition.