• sweet potato muffin recipe

    Looking for something to make for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving? Use those leftover sweet potatos to create delicious sweet potato muffins. Sweet Potato Muffins 1 1/3 cups sweet potatoes – canned, well drained           4 T. butter Read more...

  • football helmet

    It’s almost impossible to read a newspaper or magazine or watch news or sports on TV without seeing a report about contact sports and concussions.  Players in many sports are susceptible to concussions, and doctors who treat concussions say that girls and women may suffer as many, if not more, concussions as males.  But far and away, Read more...

  • bone marrow donor registry

    When Sam Kimura, a co-founder of Sharing America’s Marrow (SAM), was diagnosed with a rare blood disease — severe aplastic anemia — and her sister wasn’t a match, her family started a quest to find a donor for Sam and thousands of other patients fighting blood cancer and other blood diseases. "Every year, more than 30,000 Americans are Read more...

  • cranberry sauce recipe

    Maybe you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year or just looking for a dish to bring to your family’s holiday gathering. What about cranberry sauce? And I’m not talking about the kind in a can, but homemade, delicious cranberry sauce the whole family will enjoy. Cranberries are a seasonal fruit typically available October through Read more...

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