• cranberry sauce recipe

    Maybe you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year or just looking for a dish to bring to your family’s holiday gathering. What about cranberry sauce? And I’m not talking about the kind in a can, but homemade, delicious cranberry sauce the whole family will enjoy. Cranberries are a seasonal fruit typically available October through Read more...

  • raking leaves

    ‘Tis the season for weight gain. The holidays are approaching quickly and with them come gingerbread lattes, turkey feasts and pumpkin pie. It can be difficult to fit a workout into your hectic holiday schedule, and the cold weather may deter you from wanting to go for a walk outside. But just because the temperatures are dropping does Read more...

  • tree nut allergy

    My son was 10 years old when we discovered his life-threatening allergy to tree nuts. Until then, we had lived blissfully unaware of the potential danger. He ate whatever he wanted, whether we were at home, in a restaurant or visiting friends or family. We didn’t need to check food labels or ask party hosts if the salad dressing contains Read more...

  • winter fruit

    The long days of summer are gone and so are all the farmers markets I frequented to stock up each weekend on locally grown fruits and vegetables without busting my budget. It’s been said over and over that buying local produce is not only healthier (fewer pesticides and more in-season options), but it also boosts your local economy. But Read more...

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