• fireworks safety

    It's almost the holiday weekend! Can’t you just smell the burgers on the grill? See the fireflies flitting about in the backyard? And soon we’ll delight in the oohs and aahs that accompany the annual Fourth of July fireworks displays. Sadly, though, fireworks are a source of a lot of injuries. Last year, Norton Healthcare's facilities Read more...

  • Elbow and shoulder injury prevention guidelines for youth baseball pitchers

    Elbow and shoulder injury prevention guidelines for youth baseball pitchers With the summer youth baseball season in full swing, local sports medicine specialists are seeing a spike in elbow and shoulder injuries. “We are seeing so many young athletes in our office with orthopaedic injuries that I would call it an epidemic,” said Ryan J Read more...

  • swimmers ear

    For many, swimming pools are as synonymous with summer as sunshine and lemonade. Yet, hours in the pool can bring on water-related health concerns, including swimmer’s ear. Otitis externa, commonly referred as swimmer’s ear, is an infection of the ear canal typically caused by an overgrowth of bacteria. Moisture in the ear can irritate Read more...

  • summer cold

    Picnics, poolside fun and the cool, refreshing air conditioning after an afternoon outside are all things that make summer more enjoyable. For anyone who has had a summer cold, you know they can really put a damper on summer fun. Believe it or not, colds don’t happen just in the winter. Sniffles and coughs are just as likely to take over Read more...

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